We do short runs to large production in aluminum, brass, stainless steel and engineered plastics.

Processes run the gamut — from melting, forging and casting to milling, drilling, deburring, washing, thread seal application and assembly. We welcome custom parts orders on short notice.

We monitor inventory for jobs in progress so components are always available when needed. We store tool packages by the machine and the job for fast, accurate job changes.

A controlled access inventory cage releases components only when assembly work orders require.

We always know that components needed for work in progress will be available.

This is critically important when you make 10,000 different parts in various materials and you may need any specific component for an assembly on any given day. It is also critical to maintain inventory; the inventory cage person knows what’s available and when supply is low, and ensures that components are kept in stock.

Finished parts are stored in a floor-to-ceiling automated parts carrousel built especially for Alkon. Orders are filled by pulling inventory from these moving trays and assembled for shipping. We ship globally.

We also assemble special products for specific application requirements.

Assembly is done by hand as well as automation.

With hundreds of product options, every Alkon valve is assembled to order and tested before shipping.

Orders are assembled and shipped globally from a floor-to-ceiling automated parts carousel built especially for Alkon for faster, easier shipping.

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