Advanced technologies result in superior efficiencies and products.

We use sophisticated technology to create higher-quality valves, fittings and flow controls with greater efficiency.

Sophisticated technology checks critical dimensions and interior/exterior angles and concentricity to .0001".

Alkon fittings and valves are tested to DOT standards, with performance reliability documented from as low as ‑40°F to as high as 325°F.

We often design and build our own production machinery to streamline production and minimize costs. All our equipment is state-of-the-art to maximize quality and process efficiencies.

State-of-the-art CNC machining centers cut bar metal to make aluminum, brass or steel bodies and fixtures. Machining centers are often “lights out” capable and always checked every 4 hours to make sure they’re running to spec.

CNC lathes cut on three axes and take metal from bar stock to finished product, saving time and millions of dollars in production costs.

This machining center holds up to 120 machine tools and performs almost limitless processes on a single component.

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