Alkon valves are some of the fastest cycling and most reliable in the industry. We specialize in directional control air valves and valves specially designed for the transportation industry.

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We offer hundreds of options for one of the most complete valve product lines in the industry. So, every valve is made to order with ONLY the options you need. And with 100% product testing, we can guarantee performance.

Configurations/functions: Directional control air valves, lockout valves, 3-way and 4-way valves, no-lube valves, lap-spool valves, sprite valves, stand-alone valves, manifolds and stacks.

Transportation: Suspension valves, lift axel (dump) valves, pressure protection valves.

Sealant: Standard, high-temperature.

Alkon valve products are selected for home refrigerators and dental equipment, industrial air compressors and car washes, petrochemicals and packaging, aircraft and amusement park rides.

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